5 Time Helpmann Award winner gets busy

Hello fellow people of planet earth,


Look out for updated photos and a new look website soon. I promise!!!!


2014- here we are and it feels very different. Its a strange and crazy world.



Lots of new works for 2014. Playing the evil Stromboli for Windmill Theatre's PINOCCHIO,was loads of fun at the Sydney Opera House. 6 Helpmann Nominations for the show hooray!!.

Now 'LITTLE BIRD' has played Geelong for just four shows, in July 2014. After a smash hit season for the State Theatre Company of South Australia. Its a new piece of Theatre music fairytale, written by the very talented Nicki Bloom, directed by Geordie Brookman, music by Cameran Goodall and Quentin Grant, for this years Cabaret festival in Adelaide. I hope this magical show gets to tour Australia and the world.

 Next:'CALPURNIA DESCENDING'  for Malthouse and Sydney Theatre Company, later in the year with the ever exciting and rule breaking 'SISTERS GRIMM'. Malthouse in November/December and STC in October (very limited seats available)

People often ask me about my play 'ANGELA'S KITCHEN' and will it tour again. At this time I am not sure...... BUT you never know.  

The Michael Kantor film 'THE BOY CASTAWAYS'  had a TV run on ABC . I enjoyed chatting with you at the various special screenings around the country. The soundtrack to the motion picture is out and its really good. Pete Farnan did a great job with it. Available on ABC records. I think this film deserves to be seen. It breaks with tradition of how Australians tell stories- it also stars Tim Rogers, Megan Washington, Mark leaonard Winter.......the shit gets cranked.....

'CARLOTTA' aired on ABC too. We love our ABC.  I had a small role in that..... had too much fun on the set. Amazing feedback for that, even though I had such a small role, not as bad as being in a Baz Luhrmann film though, it wasn't quite, blink and you miss me. LOL. 

Also screening now is the online series;' 'I Luv U But....... I make a cameo in that. Please check it out. The episodes only go for five minutes each and they are funny, informative and slightly confronting. 

What else?  Various appearances around the place. I have gone beyond my third year of NOT performing a solo show in Sydney. Strange times and I hope that changes this year..... I have a very good reason for this, the lack of appropriate venues for my fans to come and see my work BUT I am working on this......

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thanks for dropping in, your welcome here anytime