5 Time Helpmann Award winner gets busy

Hello fellow people of planet earth,


Look out for updated photos and a new look website soon.


2014- here we are and it feels very different. Its a strange and crazy fucked up world.

We have Abbott running the joint- thank you my fellow Australians for that. Fuel to my fire.


I am proud to announce that I am the ambassador for Hats Off!! This year 2014. Hats Off to th legends. At the Seymour Centre on the 17th of February 2014. Tickets are only $35 for ACON and BGF. The funds raise money for those who need assistance. The line up is to die for: Margi De Ferranti, Trevor Ashley, Queenie Van Der Zant, Michael Cormick, the Cast of Lion King, Matt Hetherington and many more wonderful morsels. 

Lots of new works for 2014. Windmill Theatre in South Australia, 'LITTLE BIRD' State Theatre Company of South Australia and Geelong Theatre, 'CARPURNIA DESCENDING'  for Malthouse and Sydney Theatre Company later in the year with the ever exciting and rule breaking 'SISTERS GRIMM'.

People often ask me about my play 'ANGELA'S KITCHEN' and will it tour again. At this time I dont see it being performed again BUT you never know.  

The Michael Kantor film 'THE BOY CASTAWAYS' will have a TV run on ABC (Please God protect the ABC from the evil Liberal government) in February 2014. I enjoyed chatting with you at the various special screenings around the country. The soundtrack to the motion picture is out and its really good. Pete Farnan did a great job with it. Available on ABC records. I think this film deserves to be seen. It breaks with tradition of how Australians tell stories- it also stars Tim Rogers, Megan Washington, Mark leaonard Winter.......the shit gets cranked.....

What else?  Various appearances around the place. I have gone into my third year of NOT performing a solo show in Sydney. Strange times and I hope that changes this year..... I have a very good reason for this, the lack of appropriate venues for my fans to come and see my work BUT I am working on this......

Happy New year and lets try and make this ours, lets take it back.... lets take it all back to were it needs to be... 

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thanks for dropping in, your welcome here anytime